but initially, he wanted to be a pirate



Maybe Kieren wasn’t the first risen; maybe he was the last, and the reason the grave yard was empty when he rose was because all the risen already had left

That’s actually hilarious to think about.

Kieren Walker shows up five minutes late to the rising with starbucks no fucking idea what’s going on
And then Amy doubles back, and collects him like he’s a child in lost and found.


#he would





so for some ungodly reason tumblr staff decided it’d be a good idea to allow flashy gifs or incredibly bright images to be a background for the login screen. a lot of people i know are photosensitive and prone to headaches or other, worse things that can be caused by this. so naturally i wrote a small script to disable those completely. hopefully permanently.

you can find it here. you’ll need the browser extension/addon stylish for it to work, which you should be able to get from the website itself if i remember correctly. hope it helps someone o7

This is seriously so important. I suffer epilepsy and am extremly photosensitive, as I am sure a lot of other epileptics are. Please, spread this around, you could seriously save someone.

For our epileptic followers

Hi everyone! I know this isn’t a funny gif post, but I’m extremely photosensitive and know that many others with fibro are as well. 

Benedict Cumberbatch + laughing.




You and the Doctor…are you his queen?


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Mind-blowingly FUCKING AWESOME Nebula cosplay

dear lord

get to know me meme | [2/5] male characters » kieren walker

↳ ”I’m just a person who didn’t want to do any more harm.”